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Power Meet for the Powerful Woman

‘Power  Meet for the Powerful Woman’- a panel discussion was organised on 20th Aug at The Hive, Lavender Singapore, by ‘Life by Design’, a Life Coaching Practise founded by ACC coach Taruna Aggarwal.

In this incredible panel discussion, three successful business women from Singapore- Shagun Chand founder Utsav, Shalima Motial founder Dream Catchers and Namrata Pande Srivastava founder Evente Clinic discussed what makes them successful! The event also showcased an exhibition ‘Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame’ a celebration of the women in Business and Enterprise who have made or are making an impact on society – the boundary breakers, the risk-takers and change-makers, the role models and standard setters. In 2005, the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) launched The Wall of Fame to honour Singapore’s pioneering women activists.

Women Entrepreneurs are a different breed, what makes them succeed? What are the qualities and specific skills they need to succeed? All panellists shared their entrepreneurial journey and key factors which helped them to achieve success. Taruna Aggarwal moderated the panel discussion very well with her powerful and well-timed questions.

The panel discussion was successful in inspiring the participants. At the end of the discussion, Q/A session was carried out where participants got answers to their queries related to the entrepreneurship journey from the panellists.

Some power quotes by powerful women entrepreneurs in the panel discussion-

Shalima Motial 

  • “It is about having faith in oneself. Whatever challenges come, just have faith that you will be guided.”
  • “Don’t let others opinion affect you. Be Thick Skin”
  • “Being an entrepreneur gives you lots of flexibilities. You can manage your family and professional life very well.”

Namrata Pande Srivastava

Shagun Chand-


Charu Mehrotra

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